Privacy Policy

This page outlines any information we collect to help improve the service we offer and what we use it for.


We've recently updated the iWalk Cornwall app (v3.20) to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation which comes into effect on 25 May 2018 and as such have updated our data collection mechanisms and policies as outlined below:

User data and personal information

The iWalk Cornwall app does not collect, share, store or send any user-related or personal information such as email addresses, device identifiers, etc.
In particular, although the app requires access to your exact location for the purpose of tracking your progress around a walk route and showing walks near to your location, we do not collect/retain/store/transmit/share your location data which we treat as highly-sensitive personal information. We guarantee the location data received by the app never leaves your device.

Anonymous usage statistics ("analytics")

The app uses a randomly-generated anonymous identifier to help us diagnose issues and improve performance of the app.
This identifier remains constant if you re-install the app or if you install it on another device which is signed in with the same Google or Apple account.
However, since it's just a random number, there's no way it can be traced back to you as an individual.
The analytics data we collect is sent to Google Analytics for the purpose of usage analysis and performance monitoring.
Google Analytics is configured to automatically delete the data for users who have not been active in the past 26 months.
We also send analytics data to Google's Fabric platform for the purpose its Crashlytics crash reporting service to enable us to detect and diagnose app crashes in order to improve the stability of the app.
We do not share this analytics data with anyone else or use it for any purpose other than that stated above.

In-app purchases and payment information

The purchasing of walks within the iWalk Cornwall app is done entirely through Apple and Google's in-app purchase mechanisms (they are the retailers and we effectively wholesale the content to them) and the in-app purchases (walks) from these companies are stored in your Apple or Google Account.
Consequently we do not hold or have access to any payment, card or contact information associated with your Apple or Google account.
Apple do not give us the ability to refund purchases on their platform (you must contact Apple).
Google do permit us to refund purchases if you can provide us with an order number (by default we cannot identify you).
We record walks purchased against the anonymous user identifier to be able to monitor our sales and calculate walk popularity.

Contacting us

The "Contact us" section of the app uses email to send us messages containing feedback or issues with the app or a particular walk.
Since we normally can't tell who you are in our analytics (since they're anonymous), we'll ask you if it's OK to pre-populate the email with some diagnostic information to help us quickly troubleshoot any problems you are having (we sometimes receive requests for help on the same morning someone wants to do a walk). This will include the anonymous identifier which will allow us, for example, to locate any error messages recorded in our analytics that relate to your issue.
You can remove this information from the email before sending it if you change your mind about sending it to us.


The iWalk Cornwall website uses Google Analytics which records traffic against a randomly-generated anonymous user identifier. We use the analytics to help us improve the website. Google Analytics is configured to automatically delete the anonymous identifier on data older than 26 months (regardless of recent activity).

We record walks printed against the anonymous identifier to be able to calculate walk popularity.

The social media sharing buttons on the website are provided by Facebook, Twitter etc via

Any donations via Paypal result in Paypal sending us an email containing a name and email address. These are retained for tax records and deleted when no longer required.

The use of cookies on the website is outlined in our cookie policy.


Emails to the contact, info and apps email addresses will be deleted once no longer required.

We may use any feedback about our app for our reviews page, or walks for our walks pages but this will be anonymous (personal identifiers removed).

Social media

We may use any feedback about our app for our reviews page, or walks for our walks pages but this will be anonymous (personal identifiers removed).

Contacting us

If you have any concerns, would like more information or would like anything deleted, please contact us and we'll do whatever we can to help.